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Stop Smoking & Vaping

Stop In-7 is an evidence-based approach to smoking cessation. Combining elements from CBT, Mindfulness & Hypnotherapy it gives you the best chance to not only quit cigarettes and vapes but more importantly stay a non-smoker.

Treatment is available in-person, on Zoom or via our Virtual Therapeutics platform - please call to find out more.

Helping you become & stay a healthy, happy non-smoker for life!


"I can not recommend Alex and his services more. I tried so many different ways of giving up smoking and nothing helped me succeed except Alex’s method. His 7 step process is truly a life saver. Thank you so much Alex. You truly have given me my life back."

S.S - Google 5-Star Review

All habits can be broken. Make the decision to quit smoking now!

Quitting smoking is one of the best things you will ever do. That's because smoking causes serious damage to your health, general well-being and drains your finances. Get in touch for a free consultation today and begin your journey to becoming a healthy, happy non-smoker for life.

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Live A Longer Life 

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Better Finances

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Improved Health

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Less Stress

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More Confidence

As clients' reasons for smoking can vary considerably, treatment plans are always tailored specifically to an individual’s needs.

Your 3 Steps To Success

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Preparing To Be A Non-Smoker

Start your journey with a free initial consultation to discuss your smoking history and why you smoke. Once you have chosen your treatment day you will:

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Receive your 'Preparing To Be A Non-Smoker' pack

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Complete the simple tasks to begin the quitting process

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Get ready for a life free from tobacco & vapes

Becoming A Non-Smoker

On treatment day we will spend 2 hours together using a variety of techniques ending with a powerful Hypnosis to reinforce our positive work at a deep, subconscious level.  

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Cognitive/behavioural techniques

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Evidence-based coping strategies

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Staying A Non-Smoker

You will leave the session a non-smoker with all the tools you need to stay smoke free for life.

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Lifetime access to all resources and hypnoses

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Free booster session up to 6 weeks after consultation

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A life free from nicotine, cigarettes and vapes

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