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Stop Smoking

With determination you can quit smoking for good!

STOP IN-7 is a bespoke treatment programme designed to help you become a healthy, happy, non-smoker. 

Hypnotherapy has been used successfully over the years to help people stop smoking. However, virtually all modern evidence-based approaches to smoking cessation combine elements from a wide range of different therapies, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Hypnotherapy, into a whole package. This approach will give you the best chance to not only quit smoking but more importantly make sure you stay smoke free.

How it works...

After completing a short questionnaire to give me an understanding of your smoking history and what triggers you to smoke I will book you in for a Stop Smoking treatment session one week later and send you your bespoke 'Preparing to be a Non-Smoker’ starter pack. Over the next 7 days you will listen to a hypnotherapy recording and complete a few simple tasks to begin the quitting process. 


On the treatment day itself we will spend some time together using a variety of cognitive behavioural techniques and ending with a powerful hypnosis to reinforce our positive work on a subconscious level. You will leave the session with all the tools you need to stay smoke free.


Two further stop smoking hypnosis recordings will be available after the session as well as fact sheets to help you on your journey. I offer a free booster session up to 8 weeks after your consultation and am available at all times during your 7 day journey to becoming a non-smoker.  

The cost of the treatment is £200.

Please feel free to give me a call anytime to discuss how best I can help you.

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

"I had a hypnotherapy session with Alex to help me stop smoking and it was absolutely amazing. Alex made me feel at ease very quickly and held the space so brilliantly that I felt very comfortable sharing my problems with him. Not only was session was incredible effective but the support in the run up to the session and following was second to none. I found the process challenging in the moment but it actually made giving up smoking incredibly easy and I am proud to say I have been a non smoker now for over 2 months and I’ve not been tempted once. You can tell alex is passionate about his work and that really shines through, I couldn’t recommend him enough, he’s wonderful. 10 out of 10!"

Zara Miranda, New Malden - FreeIndex