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Straightforward Approach To Therapy 
Giving clients all the tools they need to overcome anxiety, depression, stress & addictions
My Therapy Services
I combine techniques from CBT, Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness to provide a structured and straightforward approach to therapy

Based in Harley Street but serving clients across London, the UK and online
In partnership with  NSPCC  Official Mindfulness Ambassador
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Me & my Approach

I am passionate about well-being and run a practice based on kindness, compassion, empathy and integrity. 

Alongside my private practice I am in partnership with the NSPCC as the Official NSPCC’s Mindfulness Ambassador, providing mindfulness and wellness incentives and resources to their dedicated staff and volunteers.

Offering practical, down-to-earth advice and techniques I help clients overcome anxiety disorders, depression, habits and addictions. 

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