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The Mindful Therapist is a London-based Practice combining elements from Mindfulness Therapy, CBT and Hypnotherapy to help clients achieve their goals and live life to the full.

Anxiety Disorders

"Although anxiety is part of life, never let it control you"

Stress Management

“Stress is the trash of modern life - we all generate it, but if you don't dispose of it properly it will pile up and overtake your life”

Mindfulness Therapy

"We take care of the future best by taking care of the present now"

& Addictions

"Make unwanted habits a thing of the past"

My Approach

Every person is unique and I work alongside clients to create bespoke treatment plans using the most evidence-based methods in modern psychotherapy. I combine techniques from CBT, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness-Based Therapies to help people achieve their goals and live life to the full.

About me

Hi, I'm Alex a Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Therapist. I help clients manage and overcome a wide range of emotional and mental health issues. I am passionate about well-being and run a practice based on kindness, compassion, empathy and integrity.

Online Digital Therapy

In these extraordinary times the need for readily available online resources to help manage stress and anxiety has never been greater. At the beginning of the Covid pandemic I co-created NHS In Mind - a free platform containing easy-to-access interventions to help NHS staff alleviate and combat high anxiety, panic and fatigue. The website received support from numerous NHS Trusts and covered by LBC, BBC News, ITV and other major news outlets. We were then invited to create a similar platform for NSPCC's workforce.


Following on from the success of NHS In Mind and the move towards online therapy, We founded Heal, a new platform changing the way digital therapy is delivered and experienced.


Heal launched for Stoptober with an online treatment plan for Smoking Cessation giving anyone anywhere in the UK the ability to stop smoking without the need for attending face-to-face therapy.

Heal Therapies.png
Alex developed NSPCC inMind to support NSPCC staff and volunteers with their well-being during the Covid-19 pandemic through developing tailor-made mindfulness tools and resources. On a personal level I've been interested in mindfulness for years, but I've never heard anyone explain it to me so simply and with such passion and insight, plus back it up with the tools to make it so accessible and easy to apply to every day life! Alex is so humble about his skill which makes him easy to connect with and a pleasure to work with and talk to - the ingredients for a truly life-changing therapist. I'd highly recommend Alex's introduction to mindfulness course for anyone looking to dip their toe in to mindfulness and it's benefits. Google

Liane Smith - Head of Volunteer and Employee Engagement and Development - NSPCC

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