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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

"When I approached Alex I was struggling with constant negative thinking, anxiety and depression. Over the eight week mindfullness based CBT course he provides, he taught me how to deal with my negative thinking in a much more efficient and constructive way, using various forms of meditation, talking therapy and yoga techniques. Each session lasted around two hours and was undertaken at his private residence, which was a very calming and comfortable environment. Alex was always extremely welcoming, highly professional and completely attentive. Every session I attended was of great benefit to me. I cannot thank Alex enough for helping me and I now look forward to dealing with my own issues and day to day life with a much more positive and healthy approach. I highly recommend Alex to anyone with depression, anxiety or addiction issues."

Wilson Leone - Google

Mindfulness Therapy

"Having just completed an 8 week mindfulness course with Alex, I can now confidently handle my anxious and depressive moods, which have become less frequent and less severe.
I have made a great deal of progress in just 8 weeks and I couldn't have done it without Alex. I am calmer, more immersed in the present moment, and more connected with and aware of my emotions. I now have the tools to take a step out of the turbulent emotional and psychological processes we so often find ourselves blindly victim to, and gain a sense of space, perspective, and relief. With continued practice of the mindfulness and meditation techniques that Alex has taught me, I know I will continue to improve.
Alex was always calm, positive, humorous, non-judgemental and ever so wise. The environment he has created for therapy sessions is relaxed and welcoming, and he has a clear passion for and dedication to his work.
I would strongly recommend Alex to anyone suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, or any other one of the countless ills so prevalent in our society."

George Moore - Google

Mindfulness Therapy

"I have always suffered with poor sleep, over thinking, worry and generally being a bit neurotic. I started a new job which is very demanding and mentally draining and coupled with my ‘difficulties’ as described, things eventually reached a breaking point. I felt mentally exhausted, fragmented and like I was losing my sense of self and my mind. I realised I needed some help with my mental health and a friend told me about mindfulness based therapy, so I did some research and came across The Mindful Therapist. I read the website and this was very helpful and clear and provided me with a good understanding of what the Mindful Therapist was about and what to expect. After 7 weeks of weekly therapy I am a different person. With Alex’s treatment I have now understood my anxiety, how I was sustaining it and most importantly, how to change and overcome this, and to continue feeling well and happy. Alex is so passionate about his work, he is warm, caring, compassionate and his commitment and energy to my treatment and to me as an individual was unfaltering. He was patient and held hope for me when I couldn’t see it for myself, then gave me that gift back when he knew I was ready. I will always be so grateful and humbled that Alex helped me to change my life and the opportunity for me to learn so much about myself and understand myself and make huge positive changes, that have touched all areas of my life as a result, in such a profound way."

Clare Burfield - Google

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

"I completed the 8 weeks mindfulness based cognitive behaviour therapy course with Alexander James after my initial assessment with him. I have suffered from a couple of periods of depression in the past, gone through cognitive behaviour therapy, and counselling which helped. I also took anti-depressants on the advice of my GP when I was last diagnosed with depression and gradually stopped taking them after 1 year. A few months ago, the black cloud over my head was back, possibly triggered and aggravated by work and the perimenopause. I didn’t want to go back on anti-depressants or go through more cognitive behaviour therapy – Even though it really helped me get back on my feet previously, I felt it was more like a plaster on a sore rather than a longer-term help for me. Alexander James takes a bespoke approach and puts you at ease very quickly. His treatment through the mindfulness based cognitive behaviour therapy has given me an invaluable toolkit to manage every day life. I feel calmer, stronger, and better equipped to face the black cloud should it come back. I am very grateful to be able to put this into practice for a healthier and more peaceful life. Thank you Alexander James."

G. Dior - Trustpilot

Stop Smoking

"I had a hypnotherapy session with Alex to help me stop smoking and it was absolutely amazing. Alex made me feel at ease very quickly and held the space so brilliantly that I felt very comfortable sharing my problems with him. Not only was session was incredible effective but the support in the run up to the session and following was second to none. I found the process challenging in the moment but it actually made giving up smoking incredibly easy and I am proud to say I have been a non smoker now for over 2 months and I’ve not been tempted once. You can tell alex is passionate about his work and that really shines through, I couldn’t recommend him enough, he’s wonderful. 10 out of 10!"

Zara Miranda -  Google

Anxiety Disorder/MBCT

"Suffering from social anxiety and continuous dips in confidence, I decided to get treatment from Alexander James. Through his calmness and professionalism he successfully treated me for my anxiety. He followed this on with a Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy. This really helped me deal with my other concerns. I now see life from a different perspective, more calmer, confident and positive. Did I make the right decision getting this treatment? Of course I did and I can highly recommend the Mindful Therapist. I feel like a different person."

John White​ - FreeIndex

Performance Anxiety

"I highly recommend The Mindful Therapist. I went to see Alex for 5 sessions to help me overcome the stress and anxiety of speaking in front of large numbers of people. I have been doing my job for many years and over time have been promoted to senior roles. This took me from presenting to a small group, around the table, to standing up in front of 2000 people and the Board of Directors. I work for a start-up company owned by a large UK company with a very well known UK brand. Public speaking was not my strongest quality, in fact it scared me to the point I would stutter, shake and overall feel embarrassed forgetting that my knowledge and experience was what put me there in the first place. The sessions and exercises helped me overcome these feelings and put into perspective why I was feeling the way I was and how I could manage these feelings in the given situations. With practise I managed to overcome my anxiety and continue to manage how I react to these feeling and grow more confident each time. I can’t thank him enough for his help and continue to enjoy my meditation practise not only for professional purposes but also for “time out” in my day-to-day life." 

Angeles Blanco - FreeIndex

Social Anxiety Disorder

Alex (The Mindful Therapist) Helped me to overcome my irrational fear of eating and freed me of my nervous tension. Using CBT, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness we were able to work together to create new positive mental pathways which have given me a more positive outlook on life. Alex provides a clean, relaxed environment and also has a good sense of humour which really helps the process. Highly recommend!

Andrew Kinsler - Google

Mindfulness Therapy

Alex’s meditations hit the nail on the head. My job & focus has always been on others, but he has shown me a way to find time to focus on myself through the body scans & ego strengthening techniques. Almost 3 months and going strong. Thank you

Adam Beygi - Google