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Before training as a therapist I worked in the music industry for over 15 years as a songwriter and producer mainly based out of Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to be involved in writing and producing songs for artists including Jason Derulo, Alexandra Burke, Lil Wayne and Backstreet Boys

I am still hugely passionate about creativity and the creative community and appreciate the ups and downs, pressures and sometimes negative effects trying to get ahead in such competitive environment can have on our well-being.

Therefore, as part of my therapy practice - under the banner of MINIM - Mindfulness In Music - I offer Mindfulness and other therapies to artists, songwriters and executives within the music industry.

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Working with Artists/Performers:

The pressures of fame and being in the spotlight can have an adverse effect on a person's well-being. From back-to-back scheduling to having the way you look and every moment scrutinised can lead to adverse mental health issues.  

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Alexander James CBH MBCT

I work with artists to help them overcome issues including:

  • Depression

  • Stage Fright
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Working with Songwriters/Producers:

Although from the outside the idea of writing songs and having hits seems like a glamorous life the day-to-day reality can be somewhat different. The pressure and competition around delivering/placing hit songs and being constantly creative is immense.

I use Mindfulness-Based Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy to help songwriters and producers overcome issues including: 

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Corporate work:

As with any competitive environment working in the music business can be all encompassing and a highly stressful lifestyle. Long working days and deadline demands can result in high levels of stress and associated problems.

Services Offered:

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Mindfulness, Meditation and Creativity:

Mindfulness-Based Therapies have been used clinically for the past 50 years to treat a range of psychological conditions such as recurrent depression and stress. 

Aside from these evidence based approaches there is a growing body of research around mindfulness practice with regard to increasing creativity and productivity. Corporations such as Google and Goldman Sachs are among the many leading firms that have introduced meditation and other mindfulness practices to their employees.

Many people within the entertainment industry use meditation to help live a more fulfilling and productive life. Rick Rubin, Kendrick Lamar, Drake and J Cole have been at the forefront of promoting the benefits of Mindfulness and meditation to their careers and sharing their practices...

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“There’s a great deal of bull***t that people think about when they make music, things that don’t matter,” Rubin says. “Meditation kind of wipes that away, and you focus on the real job at hand, as opposed to thinking about what the management wants, or what the record company’s saying, or what somebody at a radio station might think.” —Rick Rubin

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“It definitely improves your concentration and creativity, even in rock music ... it’s about fighting through whatever internal struggles there are, self-doubt and really focusing in on what it is you’re trying to say.” —Rivers Cuomo

Alexander James is a Mindfulness-Based Therapist and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist helping clients overcome addictions, stress and anxiety disorders.

Appointments are available at various clinics across Central London including:

1 Harley Street, Bank, Canary Wharf, Notting Hill, Wimbledon and outside London at the Cowdray Therapy Rooms in West Sussex.

I also offer home visits and Online consultations.

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

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