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The Most Common Reasons People Seek Out Therapy

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and taking care of your mental health and seeking regular checkups is essential if you feel as though you’re struggling, working with an online therapist to manage any concerns or negative behaviours.

With that said, as much as there are common physical health reasons why you may want to book an appointment with a GP, some need to seek out mental health treatments and therapy more than others.

Here are some of the most common reasons people get therapy.

Managing Grief

One of the most acute reasons why people seek professional help is when a major traumatic life event affects them to the point that they feel unable to handle the rigours of everyday life.

A therapist can provide support during the different stages of grief and help find ways to move forward and be aware that they are not alone.

Depression And Anxiety

Two of the most common mental health conditions, both can take many forms and whilst often contrasting in terms of symptoms can occur together and feel debilitating.

Whilst most people feel depression differently, these symptoms can include a persistent feeling of hopelessness and unhappiness, fatigue, lack of appetite and physical pain.

It is common to feel symptoms of anxiety too, such as a sense of dread and a constant feeling of panic even for reasons that may seem irrational.

Depending on the root cause and severity, therapy can be an important part of treatment and help to reduce or break negative thought cycles.


Whilst it is a very common issue in society, addiction and the root causes of addictive behaviour are all too often misinterpreted and linked to specific substances.

Treating addiction is about finding the root cause of why it began, what triggers addictive behaviours and working together to create a plan to avoid them in the future.

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