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Want To Become More Positive? Consider Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be used to help people with all manner of issues in their lives, so it’s little surprise that it can help you become more positive too. 

What you need to understand is that the kind of hypnotherapy in Wimbledon that we offer is about taking you into deep relaxation. This not only helps to reduce stress and anxiety levels, but it also improves your ability to respond to positive suggestions. 

An article for Happiful recently explored how hypnotherapy can help you to change your responses to what happens in life to be more positive and help you to break free from any negative thought patterns you’ve developed. 

Psychologist and hypnotherapist Lesley Lyle told the publication that developing a positive mindset isn’t about being “blindly optimistic”, but rather it’s about recognising what’s going well in your life and enjoying it.

To start the process of training your brain to have a more positive mindset, you need to become conscious of those positive and happy moments, and hypnotherapy can help with this. 

However, modern life is stressful and often it’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of negative thought patterns, which can be challenging to break free from. 

Hypnotherapist James Brannan told the publication that the reason it can be difficult to get out of negative thought patterns is because our brain is so efficient at automating our responses to free it up to focus on anything new it encounters.

While this can be positive in some ways, it does have a downside, as Mr Brannan noted. “The downside is that we sometimes end up with responses that we don’t like doing and feeling, yet they run unconsciously.”

The reason hypnotherapy can help with breaking these cycles is that it gives your brain a chance to learn new responses while it’s relaxed and while you’re in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Mr Brannan added: “Using hypnotherapy, it’s like we can join a person in the maze they are stuck in, grab them by the hand, lead them out and introduce them to new areas.”

As an article for Calm Moment explained earlier this year, hypnotherapy can be so effective because it provides us with a way of talking directly to the unconscious mind. This part of the mind is “unconditionally accepting” and therefore if you can change thought patterns here it can have a significant positive impact on your life.

By contrast, our conscious mind is analytical, critical and logical. This is the part of the mind that doesn’t just accept what it’s told, which in many areas of life is incredibly useful, but if you have developed negative thought patterns then it’s essential that you find a way to speak to your unconscious mind, which is what hypnotherapy provides.

Our approach to hypnotherapy is about more than just using the power of suggestion though. We combine this with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques and Mindfulness Practices to develop a structured and goal-oriented treatment plan designed for you, whether you want to reduce your anxiety or stress levels, overcome a phobia or make unwanted habits and addictions, like smoking, a thing of the past.

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