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Staying A Non Smoker


Congratulations! You are now a healthy, happy non-smoker. Throw out all cigarettes and smoking equipment - lighters, ashtrays etc. Freshen your home and tell everyone you have stopped smoking.

There are a few tasks to complete in the coming weeks. Please try to do them as they are important in the treatment process.

  1. Listen to the Staying A Non-Smoker Hypnotherapy recording every day for the next 2 weeks.

  2. Practice Notice 5 Things three times a day.

  3. Drink lots of water and take regular exercise.

  4. Treat and reward yourself at least once a week.


Any cravings or memories of smoking only last a few seconds. Use Box Breathing and Cue-Controlled Relaxation to help give the body and mind the relaxation it is asking for.

Whenever you see someone smoking remember the Line Of Adrenaline.

If you get into trouble listen to the Smoking Aversion Hypnotherapy as a failsafe. .

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out​." 

- Robert Collier

- Line Of Adrenaline -



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