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How Do You Deal With Work-related Anxiety?

Most of us experience some degree of stress at work. It might be that we’re preparing for an important meeting or presentation, or that we’re in charge of a high-profile and important project. While stress isn’t always a negative thing, it can sometimes tip into anxiety.

As an article for Flux recently pointed out, some level of anxiety or stress is helpful for us. This is what keeps us motivated to achieve our goals. But the issues come when it moves from this mild anxiety into severe anxiety. This is when the anxiety begins to have a negative impact on our day-to-day lives.

A recent article for Forbes explored some ways of coping with workplace anxiety, after research conducted by ZenBusiness found that nearly 50 per cent of people feel anxious because of their work.

The research also found that those who work remotely are most susceptible to suffering from work-related anxiety. Isolation was named as one of the main contributing factors for these people.

It also revealed that the longer you stay in a job, the less anxious you typically feel. Workplace anxiety was more prevalent among those who had been in their roles for four years or less than in those who had held a job for over ten years.

But if you’re struggling with work-related anxiety, what can you do to help improve things? According to the news provider, the best place to start is by talking about. Its advice is to find a coworker you trust, or speak to your boss if you feel comfortable doing so.

They may be able to make changes to your workload or environment to help with your anxiety, or they may have some insights that can help lessen the anxiety you’re feeling.

The next tip is to take a methodical approach to your tasks each day and not try to rush through them. Forbes recommends working through one task at a time and using different techniques to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

“Things like time blocking and daily to-do lists can keep you on track to knock out a day’s work without increasing pressure or anxiety,” the news provider stated.

One final tip is to be confident in your role. This might sound easier said than done, but the news provider pointed out how important it is to regularly take stock of your achievements, whether that’s closing a deal, earning repeat business from a client, or completing a big project to a high standard.

Another thing that can help is setting attainable goals within your workplace. Talk to your supervisor or manager about your performance and set some goals for you to work towards in the coming months or year.

If you’re not sure you’re comfortable discussing your anxiety with someone at your workplace, find an anxiety therapist in Wimbledon, or wherever you live, to help you work through some of the issues you’re facing.

They will be able to help you find strategies to cope with your anxiety and provide you with support when you need it.

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