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Manage Your Fear Of Crowds In Christmas Shopping Season

All over the country people will be hoping to enjoy a more normal festive season after last year with reduced Covid risks, with more opportunity to get out and hit the shops, enjoy the return of Christmas markets and the big switch-ons of high street illuminations.

However, while some might be a little wary of being among crowds of Christmas shoppers because the virus is still circulating, there are others for whom this is a perennial fear.

Enochlophobia is the fear of crowds, and it’s not just busy streets crammed with shoppers that sufferers will want to avoid. Sports fixtures, parties and other social gatherings will also be off-limits. Symptoms can include panic attacks, increased heartbeat, dizziness and shortness of breath.

Those faced with this condition will not just avoid situations where they know there will be a crowd, but often stay at home to steer clear of any instance where there is even a chance that one might form unexpectedly, such as in a park.

For those living in busy cities like London the situation can be worse, which is why seeking CBT in Putney is an important step to relieving the fear of sufferers and help them to get their lives back.

If you suffer from this phobia, therapy can help you control your thoughts, enabling you to enter situations where crowds may be present without suffering fear or anxiety.

Much of the therapy could include working through root causes of your problem, such as bad past experiences in crowds, or an inherited problem from a parent suffering from the same condition.

Whatever the cause, with the right help you will be able to gain great relief from your symptoms, and leave behind a world where you feel constantly in exile for fear of meeting a crowd.

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