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Study Finds Mindfulness Boosts Students’ Results

Mindfulness is known to offer a lot of benefits, from reducing stress to helping people suffering from depression. However, one study has now shown the therapy has another big advantage – it can help improve the academic performance of university students.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has reported that mindfulness can result in better grades from pupils, determining a correlation between the practice and improved academic performance and behaviour.

Professor of brain and cognitive sciences at MIT Grover M Hermann stated: “By definition, mindfulness is the ability to focus attention on the present moment, as opposed to being distracted by external things or internal thoughts.”

“If you’re focused on the teacher in front of you, or the homework in front of you, that should be good for learning,” the MIT Health Sciences and Technology professor went on to say.

His study, which was published in Science Daily, looked at 100 students in sixth grade, half of which were given mindfulness training and the other half were taught how to do coding for eight weeks.

Those who took part in mindfulness reported lower stress levels than the alternative group.

Another MIT study involved 2,000 pupils ranging in ages. Those who practised mindfulness a lot produced better grades and school performance.

As a result, professor Hermann suggested mindfulness training should be part of the daily curriculum, as this could benefit lots of children with their learning.

Other reasons to consider seeing a mindful therapist in Wimbledon include wanting to treat anxiety and panic attacks, address eating problems, work through substance misuse problems, and find ways to deal with grief.

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