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The Benefits Of Online Mindfulness Therapy Sessions

It’s been nearly a year since the pandemic really took hold here in the UK and we’ve all had to endure some very tough challenges and an awful lot of uncertainty, so it’s really no surprise at all if you are struggling with your mental health at the moment, whether you’re experiencing elevated levels of stress, anxiety, depression or something else.

It’s so important to remember that you’re by no means alone in how you’re feeling and, in fact, it would perhaps be surprising if you weren’t feeling troubled by everything that’s happened - and everything that is still happening. But you don’t have to go through it alone and there is a lot of help out there, if you know where to look.

While we’re still in lockdown, it can be difficult to access the help you need but, as we’ve all learned over the last 12 months, the internet and technology really can be an incredible force for good, helping us all stay connected at a time when we’ve all been forced to stay away from friends and family.

Online mindfulness therapy sessions can be really useful at helping you to manage your mental health conditions and any symptoms you may be experiencing and you may actually find that you prefer meeting with your counsellor or therapist using an online platform, rather than seeing them face to face in person.

It can be a lot more convenient to simply turn your laptop or PC on for a therapy session than it is to get in your car or hop on public transport, especially if you do have anxiety and aren’t sure about going out at the moment. And, of course, if you live in a remote or rural area, it’s far easier to access healthcare online than having to travel long distances.

You’ll also likely appreciate the fact that you’re having your sessions in a warm, comfortable and safe environment - your own home.

This gives you one less thing to worry about and you can set your space up before the session to really make you feel at ease, whether that’s talking to your therapist from your bedroom, wrapping up in a blanket or making yourself endless cups of tea. There’s a lot to be said for having therapy at home.

The flexibility of online therapy is another big plus, meaning that you’re more likely to continue seeing your therapist regularly, as some of the reasons you may have had to cancel a session in the past will no longer apply. All you need to do is find an internet connection and away you go.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of talking to a therapist online, get in touch with The Mindful Therapist today.

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