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Three Hidden Signs You Are Experiencing Burnout

Life can sometimes feel exhausting to go through each day, especially in more recent, chaotic times, although how it manifests and what causes it can differ quite prominently to different people.

Whilst for some it is simply about being exhausted not only physically but emotionally and mentally, for others, it can trigger symptoms of anxiety and depression, although they are not inherently connected.

Often, by the time we notice we are burnt out, we have missed many signs that could have symbolised something troubling us that an online therapist could help to unlock.

Here are three signs you may be suffering from burnout without realising it.

Feeling Creatively Empty

One of the most unexpected signs that you are feeling burned out is when you feel you are losing your voice, or that your well of ideas has dried up.

This is often more readily noticed in more creative jobs, but if you used to contribute heavily to meetings, communicate ideas to teams for how to improve workflow or otherwise contributed to your team more than you do now, perhaps the issue is burnout.

Take a step back and make some time for yourself.

Unexplained Physical Symptoms

From feeling tired despite getting a lot of sleep, to unexpected physical pains and an increased number of head colds or other illnesses, our mental health is connected heavily to our physical health.

If you start to feel ill, make sure to take a step back and let yourself get better rather than trying to push through it and risking making your physical and mental health worse.

Flat Feelings

Feeling cynical, negative or simply not feeling anything at all can be a sign that your mind is starting to burn out.

This often initially manifests in less creative dreams, but can also be seen if you feel bored more often, struggle to concentrate or make more careless mistakes.

These signs are often easily missed, especially at first since everyone has a bad day. But take a step back and focus on yourself again.

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