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Why Are Some Activities Unexpectedly Mindful?

One potential therapeutic path an online therapist may suggest to people who are affected by stress and anxiety is to take advantage of mindfulness meditation.

According to studies that have been undertaken on mindfulness-based interventions, the effectiveness of treatments for people with depression and anxiety is comparable to cognitive-behaviour therapy, and the treatment works on similar principles.

However, mindfulness is not simply limited to meditation exercises, affirmations and guided mindfulness treatments. Many of the activities we do in our everyday lives help provide a similar meditative effect.

Here are some unexpectedly mindful activities you can fit into your everyday life and why they are so relaxing.


The benefits of walking even for short distances and short amounts of time have been thrust into sharp relief over the past two years, as fresh air, exercise and a change of scenery has become ever more important.

However, it is also an ideal way to incorporate a mindful meditation session into even the business day. Focus your mind on the soles of your feet as they touch the ground, and embrace the different textures, noises and senses of nature.


Whether this is sorting out documents, folding clothes or putting cards into sleeves or albums, organising and clearing up can help lull you into a meditative state through the power of monotasking.

By focusing your attention on a single task at a time, you help your brain to relax and it helps strengthen your attention span.

A similar feeling can be obtained through colouring books and paint-by-numbers, as they offer the same monotasking meditation.


Creative hobbies range vary wildly from art, knitting, papercraft or even miniature creation and painting.

Whilst they are all very different activities that use different skills (cutting plastic pieces out of sprues is different from using knitting needles and yarn after all), they all are quite repetitive in nature and help to bring you to a meditative state.

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