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Charities Call For Action To Prevent Mental Health Crisis

As huge increases in energy bills pile more woe onto the cost-of-living crisis, leading charities have called on the government to do more to avert a looming mental health disaster. The Mirror reports that health services are already stretched to the limit, with a massive increase in referrals for people concerned about their finances.

The charity YoungMinds reports that money concerns are now the top worry for young people for the first time ever. Leaders from the UK’s major mental health charities, including The Samaritans, the Mental Health Foundation, and the Royal College of Psychiatrists, have written an open letter to the government, calling for more support. They write:

"We know from previous experience that a squeeze on living standards, unmanageable debt and economic recessions cause a rise in mental health problems, demand for services and, sadly, are connected to a rise in suicides. We have the opportunity to learn from the past and address how to support people’s wellbeing to avoid repeating history.”

They continue: “The nation’s mental health services were already stretched, and the pandemic has pushed them to breaking point. With over 1.5 million people currently on a waiting list, the cost-of-living crisis could put our entire mental health system on the brink of collapse, leaving people that are already struggling without the support they need.”

While it is important for those in need to seek professional help, some people also find that they can use meditation to alleviate the worst of their symptoms. Of course, meditation can’t cure money issues, but it can help you to put your problems in perspective, and think more clearly about possible solutions.

Practicing mindfulness, which helps you focus on what your body is telling you, and allows you to create a safe space between your thoughts, emotions, and actions, can be especially useful when you are feeling overwhelmed and stretched beyond your limits.

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