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How To Feel More Comfortable During A Therapy Session

When undertaking therapy with a new online therapist, it often takes a few sessions to feel comfortable and see a relatively regular rate of progress.

There are many reasons for this, but one of the biggest is that many people seek validation from the people in their lives, and therapists are no exception to this rule.

A study in the Journal of General Psychology even found that people like to be seen as helpful in research studies and may modify their behaviour to do so. With therapists being neutral to avoid bringing their biases into a session, this can make sessions feel uncomfortable to some.

As with any type of new experience, therapy will feel unfamiliar and unnatural at first but here are some top tips to make every section productive for you.

​Bear In Mind The Ethics Of Therapists

Professional therapists are guided by the British Psychological Society Code of Ethics And Conduct, which governs the way in which they manage and lead therapy sessions.

As part of this, therapists are required to be compassionate, empathetic and non-judgmental, so if you feel anxious at any point, it is perfectly fine to say so, stop and work at your own pace.

​The Session Is The Time To Address Your Discomforts

Therapy sessions are for you are set at a pace that you feel comfortable with, so if you are uncomfortable with the format or the means of treatment, address it.

In many cases, confronting these insecurities and anxieties during the session itself provides long term benefits by clearing the air and allowing both you and the therapist to focus on what you need.

​Focus On Your Goals

People opt for therapy for a particular reason, and by focusing on this reason and your desired outcome, you can present your most authentic self which is the best way for therapy to be a success.

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