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How To Find Time For Self-Care

Self-care can mean different things to different people, but the one thing we all have in common is that we are not doing enough of it.

A recent study found that 94 per cent of UK women have benefitted from self-care, but on average, are only able to find around 17 minutes a day, while the ideal time for self-care should be closer to an hour.

We all lead busy lives, trying to figure out a work-life balance, child care, housework, and more, meaning many of us neglect self-care, which leads to a detriment of our wellbeing. We have a look at a few tips, from simple mindful breathing to using apps for guided meditation, as well as how to find time in a busy day.

If you struggle to find large blocks of free time, then it is all about the small, in-between moments, such as the 15 minutes between meetings, or the ten minutes waiting for public transport you spend scrolling through social media.

Use these moments to step back, put your phone away, and rest your mind. Walk outside, fix your gaze on the horizon, take deep, long breaths, and allow your mind to drift. Even a small moment such as this can allow you to recharge a little, and be more able to handle any stress or anxiety.

If you’re struggling to figure out how to implement self-care into your day, here are some ideas:

Reset every hour: Your brain cannot focus optimally for more than 90 minutes, so every hour stand up and walk around, even if just for a minute or two.

Change your breathing to calm anxiety or stress: Take deeper breaths and try to make the out-breath longer and more vigorous than the in-breath to calm the mind through the body.

Realise what you enjoy: Something you enjoy is more likely to happen than something you dislike so pick something that you can look forward to each day. So if yoga fills you with dread, pick another way to find self-care.

Make use of apps and videos online: Follow a ten-minute guided meditation online. You’ll be amazed at the difference just ten minutes can make to the rest of your day.

If you’re looking for online mindfulness therapy, talk to us today.

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