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Is Brexit News Coverage Affecting Your Mental Health?

If all the relentless news articles and headlines about Brexit and what’s going to happen, or not going to happen, over the next few weeks and months is starting to take its toll on your mental health, certainly do not feel as though you’re on your own in this regard.

In March, the Mental Health Foundation revealed that 43 per cent of Brits said Brexit made them feel powerless, while 39 per cent admitted that it made them angry and 38 per cent that it worried them.

And now, speaking to Wired, director of the UK charity Antonis Kousoulis noted that “nowhere near enough” attention has been paid to the problem of Brexit-related stress and the media coverage that surrounds it.

“To an extent I understand such a big political issue would consume most of the energy of politicians and other groups, but at the same time most people in political circles have not realised the effect this prolonged period of uncertainty has over people,” he went on to explain.

If you are concerned about your mental health in this regard, don’t be afraid to simply switch off from it all. You can turn the TV off, delete a few apps and stay off social media to help you recentre and take a step back from the stress.

Talking to a Wimbledon anxiety therapist could also prove especially fruitful if you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious from time to time but if you think it’s starting to interfere with activities like your job, school or relationships, it might be time to talk to someone to get a fresh perspective.

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