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Top Tips For A Happy Stress-Free Holiday

We are approaching the holiday season when many of us will be looking forward to a week or two away from home. This is a valuable time to recharge your batteries and enjoy a change of scene. However, preparing for a holiday and dealing with travel can sometimes be a rather stressful experience that eats away at the benefits of your time away.

Here are a few tips and suggestions to get the most out of your break and minimise any pre-holiday anxiety.

Make a checklist

It sounds obvious, but simply planning ahead and having your admin and packing in hand well in advance of your holiday can help to take away a lot of the stressful build up and give you a sense of control. If you are going abroad, make sure that your passport is up to date at least three months before you go away to avoid any delays.

Get on top of all those other details such as flight times, baggage allowance, car parking, and transport from the airport. If you are going away with other people, make sure that they take responsibility for some of the pre-holiday admin and it isn’t all left up to you. Draw up a checklist of tasks and divide them up if necessary.

Start to think about what to pack well in advance to avoid any last minute panics. You will probably be able to pick up most items at your destination should you forget anything, so don’t stress too much unless you are off somewhere very remote!

Drop the perfectionist approach

It can be easy to build up high expectations around a holiday, especially if you have had it booked for months and spent a lot of time researching your dream destination. However, this can create unreasonable pressure for everything to be perfect, leading to inevitable disappointments along the way.

Instead, keep an open mind and remember that the best laid plans will have a few hitches here and there. Most of the time, these hiccups won’t matter that much in the scheme of things, so don’t let them spoil your holiday.

Set boundaries around your work

Getting ready to go away can be a challenge for anyone with a busy job. Arrange to hand over any work that cannot wait to a colleague, and set your out of office email before you go.

Wrap up any smaller tasks before you leave, and make sure that all your co-workers know you will be away and when you will return to avoid the temptation to take calls or answer texts and emails.

Give yourself space before and after your holiday to unwind

If possible, book at least half a day off before and after your holiday to allow yourself to transition and wind down. This will help to put you in the right frame of mind, rather than arriving or returning to work from your holiday on the verge of burnout.

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