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Using Meditation And Breathing To Ease Your Stress

When we find ourselves in a stressful and upsetting situation, by deliberately taking the proverbial deep breath, we can help create a somewhat better next moment. A deep inhalation can help bring fullness, relief, and a change in the energy we can feel.

Conscious deep breathing can help improve your wellbeing and can help moments of stress feel incrementally better and better, allowing you to reach a mar calmer and clear-headed state of mind.

Conscious breathing is so simple, and always available, it's a free therapy that can help combat the chronic stresses of modern life. It also pairs very well with meditation, which is also a great way to help eliminate stress.

The function of breathing is unique in that it is automatic through its regulation by the autonomic nervous system but is also in our conscious control. We develop suboptimal breathing habits in response to emotional suppression, societal conditioning and modern lifestyles.

These breathing patterns then form part of neural pathways that inform our thinking patterns, choices and habits.

We have some practical tips to share to help calm your mind with simple and practical mediation tips, dos and don’ts:

• Don’t think that you need a completely silent and secluded place to practice. In a home with kids or at the office, finding complete silence is almost an impossible task.

• Do try to remove yourself from all major distractions, such as phones, computer screens and incredibly loud spaces.

• Do try to sit or lie down in a comfortable place where you feel relaxed. You can keep your eyes open or close them, just do what feels right for you.

• Do focus on your breath. Feel the air coming in and leaving your body. Simply be aware of your breath, and how it feels.

• Don’t start thinking negative thoughts when your grocery list or to-do list starts to creep into your mind. Instead, redirect your focus back to your breathing.

Aim to find 20 minutes of quiet time for yourself once or twice a day. Remember that meditation is considered a practice, just like yoga, and give it time to start having any effect.

If you’re looking for online mindfulness therapy, get in touch today.

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